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Mixing & Mastering



노이즈 제거, 소리 복원

Solve Audio Issues (Pitch Correction, Noise, Clipping, Clicks and more)


빈티지 진공관, 트랜스를 이용한 질감있는 아날로그 사운드

With Vintage Tubes, Transformers. 
Get Analogue Flavour 

Unlimited Revisions

컨펌 전까지 무제한 수정 가능

Until you are satisfied with the  result.


입체 음향 구현

Sound can come from above or below, Multidimensional audio.


T2sound is the official Apple Digital Masters provider, MFiT(Mastered for itunes).

Badges shown only for works done by officially registered mastering engineers on Apple Digital Masters.

T2Sound 는 Apple Music 공식 인증 업체로 마스터링된 음원에 Apple Digital Master 뱃지가 표기됩니다


Youtube, Commercial, Podcast, etc.

Deliver your stories with high quality audio.


Make Sounds THICK, DENSE before Mxing

Choose the perfect plan


Mixing & Mastering


Mixing & Mastering


Mastering ONLY


Most frequent questions and answers

  1. 각 트랙의 Wav,  Aiff files 또는 Pro tools 세션을 보내주세요.   NO Mp3 File 
  2. 곡의 스타일 또는 밸런스를 파악할 수 있도록  러프믹스 본을 같이 보내주세요.
  3. Reference Tracks (Title and Artists) 을 알려주시면 훨씬 만족할 수 있는 결과를 얻으실 수 있습니다.
  • 프로세싱 되지 않은 파일을 보내주세요.   No processing(EQ, Compressor Plugins), No clipping(any higher than -1dBfs)
  • 모든 Export 된 파일은 길이가 같아야 합니다. 

I will continue to revise your mix / master until you are satisfied with the final result.

You have up to 3 days from the time we send your mix or revision to request any free revisions. 

After 3 days, your project is considered complete.

If you need a revision after its been completed or changes such as vocal / instrumental replacement, any arrangement changes will be an extra $49 for a revision.

  1. Separate Wav or Aiff files for each audio channel(stem), NOT MP3 Files
  2. Rough Mix for us to understand the style you’re going for.
  3. Reference Tracks (Title and Artists)
  • Before exporting the audio files, Please make sure there’s No processing(EQ, Compressor Plugins), No clipping(any higher than -1dBfs)
  • All exported audio files need to begin at the same time, from the beginning of your song.

Please see my guide on how to prepare for Mixing & Mastering.

Next, send me your mix file and in 2~3 days you will receive your free, no obligation, mastered sample.

It’ll take between 3 to 5 days to get your song back. Keep in mind this excludes weekends and holidays.

Turnaround time for Revisions — 2 to 5 Days.

Only Paypal is accepted.

We are offering free mastering service.


  1. MIX has to be acceptable. We will let you know upon listen.
  2. Credit is to be given upon release.
  3. $20 for Revision.
  4. Stereo Mastering Only (NO STEM Mastering)
  5. MUST provide reference tracks.
  6. WAV files only.

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